Lightweight API Management


Manage partners, APIs, and internal access from an administrative GUI. Control security policies and apply authorization at a granular level around your digital assets.


Capture and view real-time usage statistics across partners and APIs. Create custom data via our Analytics API. Use this data to derive business insights and drive monetization.

OAuth 2.0

Allow users to share their data with applications using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Protect your customers' sign in credentials. Empower them to revoke applications at any time.

Why Use Monarch?

  • The architecture is flexible with an eye towards performance and extensibility.
  • Securing your APIs using our service driver is quick and easy.
  • You can choose to deploy your APIs in the cloud or on-premise.
  • There are no privacy issues with a third party seeing your data in flight.
  • The technology is completely open source and under your control.
  • The multi-tenant design allows for multiple environments with isolated data.
  • Our REST interfaces can be integrated into your apps.

How it works.

Option 1: Plugin

We provide service drivers that are installed discreetly in your API. Once installed, the driver handles communicating with Monarch to authenticate partner API keys, authorize individual operations based on assigned permissions, and capture usage statistics.

We support a number of languages but you can also access the API directly through custom code.

Option 2: Gateway

You can use our gateway for OpenResty/Nginx to interrogate incoming requests before forwarding them to your API application. Security and policies are completely managed within the Monarch admin console.

Get Started!

This video will show you how to quickly install Monarch and integrate it into a demo API.

Required Downloads:

  • Monarch - API Manager
  • MongoDB - NoSQL database used by Monarch
  • Tomcat - Java web application container
  • Git - Distributed version control system

You can also check out more in-depth installation and configuration instructions