We provide a developer toolset in addition to the API Manager:

  • Service Drivers - Installed discreetly in your API and handles communicating with Monarch to authenticate API keys, authorize individual operations based on assigned permissions, and capture usage statistics.

  • OAuth - Our reference implementation of the OAuth 2.0 specification.

  • Developer Portal - Our reference implementation of a fully featured Developer Portal where partners can register for access to your APIs and report on their usage.

  • API Gateway - Use a gateway approach to govern your APIs instead of using the Service Drivers/Plugins above.

  • Custom Modules - Create an extension to the API Manager for security, analytics, or general event processing.

  • API Reference - HTML documentation for Monarch's APIs (Service, Management, Analytics, Open, & Event).

The following tools are on our roadmap:

  • API documentation generator - Automatically generates Swagger 2.0 documentation for your API as part of the build process.

  • API Client code generator - Uses Swagger 2.0 documentation to automatically generate client code or HTML documentation for your APIs.