Service Drivers


The Java Service Driver is used to secure your API services via Monarch. It is a collection of framework classes that is used to implement security assertions. Currently JAX-RS and Spring REST are supported.

If you are using Maven (or a derivative such as Gradle or SBT) for your build/dependency management, then you can simply import the module dependency library by pasting one of the below into your project file.

libraryDependencies += "com.monarchapis" % "service-java-driver" % "0.8.2"

Additional Java support libraries:

  • REST Client - A Fluent API wrapper around Apache HTTP Client that handles both synchronous and asynchronous REST calls
  • Monarch API Client - A Java client library for invoking Monarch API Manager's internal APIs


All Node.js dependencies are available through NPM.


Support for .NET Web API 2.0 is coming soon...